UCSF Oral Health Alliance

Welcome to the Team!

08/06/2018- The Oral Health Alliance is continuing its mission to grow and evolve access to under-served communties and also educating young health professionals on the vital task of bridging the gap of poor dental care that currently plagues vulnerable populations around California. To that end, we are excited to announce two new team members to our team: Dr. Jyu-Lin Chen and Angel Chen. (Bios coming soon!) They are both associated with UCSF Family Health Care Nursing. They will both replace Dr. Karen Duderstadt, who has retired, and Dr. Abby Alkon, who is on extended sabbatical. We want to thank Dr. Duderstadt and Dr. Alkon for their extraordinary commitment, hard work, and wise guidance. We will miss you both! 

And our 2018 OHA Scholars are...

7/9/2018--Rose Liou and Carlos Moya from UC Berkeley! More news from them coming soon!